Welcome 🙏

Many things - marriage, work, and home are just some of the most significant - have changed for me over the last six months. I’m trying to embrace the change. I’ve been reflecting on how I share my experiences and musings. Liberating Narratives has become the main place where I share my thoughts on teaching world history, and there are all the regular social media sites. I need to be on social media more often for professional reasons, but I want to have a little more control over my online presence and data. I appreciate the connections social media allows, but the algorithms and ads make these sites frustrating. I’m setting up Pilgrimage Every Day to connect with folks. Anyone can see what I’m thinking about or sharing without giving Facebook or Google more of our metadata. Folks can browse through my posts or subscribe to an email.

The title for this little corner of the internet comes from my favorite discussion between Paulo Coelho and Krista Tippet. I’ve listened to their conversation many times, and it always delights me:

And I also do believe that we have this possibility of doing a pilgrimage every single day. Because a pilgrimage implies in meeting different people, in talking to strangers, in paying attention to the omens, and basically being open to life. And, we leave our home to go to work, to go to school, and we have every single day this possibility, this chance of discovering something new. So, the pilgrimage is not for the privileged one who can go to Spain and to France, and walk this 500 miles, but to people who are open to life. A pilgrimage, at the end of the day, is basically get rid of things that you are using, and try something new. 💬

In the spirit of pilgrimage, here’s to trying something new.