Morocco Retreat

When I left the classroom in June, I knew my main focus would be writing Liberating Narratives. I also wanted to pursue some of my other passions with Angela, my wife. As we’ve been traveling for the last two years, we’ve been discussing how to blend our shared love of culture, history, and yoga. Angela has been leading yoga retreats for many years, and I have traveled with students and other teachers. One of the unique aspects of a yoga retreat is how it encourages one to take a break from one’s daily routine and become more contemplative. We wanted to find a way to use that opportunity to immerse ourselves in another culture and learn from it.

At the end of September 2023, we will offer our first shared retreat in Marrakesh, Morocco. We will spend five days in the Medina (old city) and two days in the nearby Agafay Dessert. Angela will lead the daily yoga practice, and I will lead the historical and cultural immersion. More information about the retreat can be found on Angela’s website.

Tags: #travel #yoga #history

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