Writing Regularly

I started blogging at Liberating Narratives in 2016. Before that, I had various blogs. I would write for a few months, and then teaching and grading would get too busy. When I left the classroom in June, I knew I wanted to turn Liberating Narratives into a full-time newsletter. Since the beginning of September, I have been writing regularly. I love it. Sometimes I feel the pressure of deadlines, but usually, I write because it feels good. Sitting down with my iPad to write is becoming a ritual, and I love that.

Writing on a train in India in 2016

Sadhana is a Sanskrit term for “accomplishing something.” When I first learned it as a teenager, I understood sadhana as a daily practice. I still like that translation, but sadhanas are intentional and mindful daily practices. I eat every day, but eating is not a sadhana. My wife offers a prayer of gratitude before every meal; that is a sadhana. Writing is becoming a sadhana for me.

My joy in writing every day is part of the reason why I started Pilgrimage Every Day. I want another place where I’m committing to a writing sadhana.

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